Innovative Off-Field Training for Soccer Academies

A new opportunity to Help your Players Reach their Full Potential

Our Solution

Off-field complement to boost the value you offer your players by giving them the opportunity to learn directly from Current Professional Players.

Academies investing in the
growth of their

Spatial Awareness
Game Intelligence

A proven method
to improve decision-making.

#1 Mentors

For the first time, your players will get tips and expert insights directly from the world’s top professional players.

Based on Real Footage

Top professional players share their expertise by delving into the details of their play and breaking down their thought process and decision-making on the pitch.

Anytime, Anywhere

One year of access to our platform, where players can watch videos at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Play Smart

Everything based on real game scenarios and players 
from top football clubs and national teams worldwide.

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Yunus Musah

USA National Team & Valencia FC