How to Become a Better Soccer Player?

The tactical aspect: The most important and the most forgotten in the United States

“Soccer is played with the head, and the feet are simply a tool”

How is it possible that the US is still facing a challenge to create the next big generation of recognized worldwide soccer players despite all the infrastructure that we have?

It is evident that there is still much more room for improvement in the cognitive development of players since they are young. 

The best professional soccer players like Messi, Busquets, De Bruyne, or Pedri are the most intelligent, quickest, and most efficient in terms of making decisions on the field.

In order to create the next big generation of recognized players, there are several concepts that we should be working on with players from an early age.  

The importance of understanding the game

All players must work on the technical, physical, and mental aspect of the game, but it will be the ability to understand the game which will make the difference between a regular player and an elite player. If you are able to understand why different movements or actions are made in the match, you will be able to perform at the highest level and be able to help your team. 

How can we improve both decision making and game intelligence with youth players?

The answer lies in the tactical aspect of the game. It is essential that players understand the tactics of soccer from an early age so that they can perform at their best in matches, and therefore have much more fun while playing. If players understand the tactical part since they are young they will definitely stand out as they will be one step ahead of their teammates and rivals. 

  • Tactical Aspects

  • Mental Aspects

  • Physical Aspects

  • Technical Aspects

There is an obvious pattern of coaching youth players by American coaches in which the coach focuses on the technical, physical, and mental parts of the game, leaving the tactical part in the background.

The first 3 pillars mentioned, obviously, are crucial for the development of a professional soccer player. However, there is a huge difference in performance between players who understand the tactical aspect of the game and those who don’t.

What are the big clubs in the world looking for?

Great teams or scouts do not look for robots that are running throughout the entire game only focusing on the ball.

In today’s soccer, big teams are looking for players who are also capable of moving well without the ball, those who are able to create space for their teammates to take advantage of, or those who are capable of pausing and calming down the game when the circumstance requires it. 

In the EEUU, soccer is constantly growing and in order to achieve the goal of becoming a world reference, it is necessary to include tactical education for youth players, as it has been done for a long time in Europe.

How can we teach the tactical fundamentals to youth players in an efficient, and above all, in a fun way?

There are some options that will definitely help youth players in this aspect such as through training with your soccer coach, simply watching games and soccer drills, or with online programs such as Futmastery.

Many times youth players search online for soccer training or any kind of drills on their own and instead of benefiting them, it becomes counterproductive because many times the information is not verified and cannot be applied in a real game. 

How can you learn the tactical part of the game in an easy and effective way?

The Futmastery program “was born” to solve this problem and become the perfect complement to help youth players around the world to continue learning 100% online in the most innovative, fun, and engaging way:

  • Help youth players improve their ability to understand and read the game in order to make better decisions on the field.
  • Allow them to learn directly from some of the best current professional players (Real Madrid, US National Team, Spanish National Team…)
  • Players can implement the concepts learned from the platform in their next practice session.

Can you imagine being directly taught by some of the best current La Liga players? We’re certain there is no better way of learning than being coached by those who are already at the highest level.