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Program Outline

  • 1.1. Space and time
  • 1.2. Why understanding all positions is important
  • 1.3. Effectively creating space
  • 1.4. It’s more than a game
  • 1.5. The best way to improve
  • 1.6. How nutrition will improve your performance
  • 1.7. Zidane’s formula to always improve
  • 1.8. Maintaining a high level of focus 
  • 1.9. How to think off your rivals
  • 1.10. Supporting your teammates through passing lines
  • 2.1. Listen, learn, execute
  • 2.2. Building up from the back
  • 2.3. Finishing in the box
  • 2.4. Defensive skills 1
  • 2.5. Fair play results in better performance
  • 2.6. Space and time to make better offensive decisions
  • 2.7. Different options when building up from the keeper
  • 2.8. Scanning the field
  • 2.9. How to always be an alternative for your teammates as a striker 
  • 2.10. Defending 1vs1 like a pro
  • 3.1. Key details to optimize the build-up
  • 3.2. Escaping your marker efficiently
  • 3.3. Identifying when to come out or stay in the goal
  • 3.4. How to make a quick defensive recovery
  • 3.5. Tips to speed up the play
  • 3.6. Get the most out of switching the ball from one side to another 
  • 3.7. Pro skills that make a difference 
  • 3.8. When should you play first touch?
  • 3.9. Pressure cover 
  • 3.10. Build up to prepare a dangerous cross
  • 4.1. The secret to master the cross
  • 4.2. How to make an effective high-pressure
  • 4.3. Pro Mentality 
  • 4.4. How to identify the right moment to anticipate
  • 4.5. Key details for a wall pass
  • 4.6. Tips when clearing the ball
  • 4.7. Defending balls in the air effectively
  • 4.8. How to finish in reduced space inside the eighteen
  • 4.9. The attackers are the first line of defense
  • 4.10. How to identify space in order to take the most out of a run
  • 5.1. Tips to create space and time from a throwing
  • 5.2. How to anticipate as a right back
  • 5.3. High press in order to steal the ball on your opponent’s half
  • 5.4. Securing the ball without any risk as a keeper
  • 5.5. Receiving the ball with an opponent on your back
  • 5.6. Key details that make a difference in a long lasting pressure
  • 5.7. Using dribbling as a solution
  • 5.8. When and why to use a tactical foul
  • 5.9. Stepping up at the right moment
  • 5.10. Tips to win in the air
  • 6.1. Why your first touch is important
  • 6.2. How to dominate in different corner kick situations
  • 6.3. The importance of looking over your shoulder before receiving the ball
  • 6.4. Enjoying the process
  • 6.5. Football is played with the head. Your feet are just the tools
  • 6.6. Making a fake pass to surprise the rival
  • 6.7. How to deal with referees
  • 6.8. Being aware of everything allows to make better decisions
  • 6.9. A key factor as a defender is having a good orientation 
  • 6.10. The importance of not losing the ball after recovering it
  • 7.1. Being aware of how to always support your teammates
  • 7.2. Tips to be practical as a keeper
  • 7.3. Moving intelligently to finish in the box
  • 7.4. How to constantly generate passing lanes
  • 7.5. Tips for better daily nutrition
  • 7.6. Dribbling to get out of pressure 
  • 7.7. The importance of immediate pressure right after losing the ball
  • 7.8. The role of a captain
  • 7.9. Key concepts when pressuring the back line
  • 7.10. Solving different scenarios as a winger
  • 8.1. A strong passed ball is faster than any player
  • 8.2. Patience and team composure pressure the opponent to lose the ball
  • 8.3. Pacing the game
  • 8.4. Communication to help you perform better
  • 8.5. Amplitude to create new spaces to attack
  • 8.6. Key details when making a throw-in
  • 8.7. Effectiveness and simplicity over being fancy
  • 8.8. Mentality to overcoming challenges
  • 8.9. Being in the space at the right moment
  • 8.10. How to head the ball efficiently
  • 9.1. Mastering the penalty kick
  • 9.2. The importance of recovering the ball right after losing the ball in the opponent’s half
  • 9.3. Applying soccer values to personal life
  • 9.4. Counter attack is about occupying the right spaces quickly
  • 9.5. Becoming complete 
  • 9.6. Dribbling to attract rivals 
  • 9.7. Pacing the game through possession
  • 9.8. High competition will make you a better player
  • 9.9. How to become more of a complete winger
  • 9.10. Making a dangerous cross
  • 10.1. The heel as an alternative resource 
  • 10.2. How to react quicker as a goalkeeper
  • 10.3. The right moment to turn and go forward
  • 10.4. Top defensive skills
  • 10.5. Gameday nutrition
  • 10.6. Generating space for your teammates
  • 10.7. Visualization helps you to play faster
  • 10.8. Executing a through ball pass
  • 10.9. Defending well to attack better
  • 10.10. Solving different scenarios as a winger II
  • Bonus class 1. The result is not the most important thing
  • Bonus class 2. There are no failures in life, only lessons

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